Features for the Travel Industry:

  • Cost-saving
  • Animated and moving graphics
  • Show messages at specific times
  • Control remotely through the internet
  • Scrolling texts or video within your screens
  • Add touch-screen and become instantly interactive
  • Create offers and promotions in seconds
  • Do away with manual printed posters
  • Engage and inform more effectively
  • multiple screen installation

Digital Signage is perfect for:

  • Digital POS
  • Fare boards
  • Cruise ships
  • Digital posters
  • Digital Menu boards
  • Exchange rate tables
  • Interactive wayfinding
  • Multiple screen signage

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The travel industry is fast paced and competition is fierce. Getting the right information as quickly as possible to the end-customer is crucial. Computerized systems are key to distribute new data. If the updated package specials are not sent quickly and accurately to stores, these will not be communicated to customers.

A Dynamic Digital Signage solution has benefits over the old manual process. Controlled through the internet, this new type of solution can continuously update connected displays automatically, so time to market is immediate and specials can be launched overnight.

Offers and promotions can be communicated with more impact, updated more easily and deployed across a network of outlets in seconds.

Airfares can be updated on the digital display directly from a central rates database (Excel spread sheets, for instance), allowing special short term airfares to be placed on the screen almost immediately, creating a focus point on the screen that is more likely to attract the attention of a prospective customer or even a casual “passer-by”.

Limited offers suddenly become easy to schedule and control as expiration times can be set independently for each item to be displayed. The large flat-panel screens are also much more appealing. Screens can be mounted horizontally or portrait, providing a stunning “dynamic poster” look and feel.

Last minute/empty bed promotions are a breeze to create and distribute via dynamic display boards and can even be different for every agent location (e.g., different offers can be displayed in different regions).

Dynamic displays must be reliable, easy to use and offer flexible content and design options. The combination of Samsung displays and MagicInfo content management software offer a reliable 24/7 system that is managed and updated quickly and easily by your existing team.

ROI calculations show that a dynamic solution can be installed for about the same price as printing two posters per month and updating the airfare board once a week.

With such a strong case there is no doubt that any current travel agency that wants to remain competitive and engage with the contemporary client, will have to adopt this exciting new technology sooner rather than later.